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Our Story.

The founders of Tampa Marine Tuning have over 20 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket industry, with a wide range of experience in tuning everything from streetcars to dragsters.


Brett, COO, has operated as the lead instructor of the Tuning School, most notably receiving an accolade from SEMA's 30 under 30 programs as well as being highlighted to speak at PRI. Additionally, Brett is the founder of many other sucessful enterprises including McClelland Performance& Design, which focuses on aftermarket tuning solutions and build consulting for heavily modified street and racing automobiles.


Jesse, CEO, has a number of years of experience in the performance aftermarket automotive industry, on the financial consulting and business development side. Jesse graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Finance and has spent a number of years working on sell-side mergers and acquisitions transactions.


Brett and Jesse have lived in Tampa for most of their lives and grew up with a love for recreational boating and fishing. After learning about Nizpro and seeing the rigorous testing and superior brand they had built they decided to partner with Nizpro to bring a safe and reliable increase in horsepower and fuel efficiency to their home state, through direct service, and nationally, through the Remote Tuning Program.

Wyatt is the newest member of our team helping to run sales and customer services. Please direct any immediate sales inquiries to him. 

Our Team.


+1 813-696-3375


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