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How is this done?

Remote tuning is the preferred tuning method for our customers. Whether you are located outside of Florida or your boat is difficult to transport it is simply the easiest process for us to serve you.

Once you have purchased your tune in the shop, you will need to remove the ECU from your motor, securely package it, and ship it to us with a return label in the box. Once we receive your ECU, we store your stock file and re-flash the ECU with the updated tune according to your order. Then our team returns your tuned ECU with the customer-provided return label.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any ECU removal questions after purchase.


So how do I remove my ECU?

Please watch this video for a detailed video walk through

ECU Removal walk through

  1. Disconnect the battery - Before you start, ensure that the boat's battery is disconnected to avoid any electrical accidents.

  2. Locate the ECU - The ECU is located under the engine cover, usually on the aft side of the motor. It is a small rectangular box with a wiring harness attached to it.

  3. Remove the wiring harness - Pinch each of the connectors and gently pull until they are released from the ECU. Do not force them, they should come apart with little effort.

  4. Remove the mounting screws - Using a 10mm socket wrench, remove the four bolts that hold the ECU in place.

  5. Gently pull the ECU out - Once the bolts are removed, gently pull the ECU out of its mounting bracket. Be careful not to damage any of the wiring or connectors. We recommend you screw the bolts back into their original holes to prevent loss. 

Fuel Savings Calculator

How we calculated this

1. Calculate the total gallons used before the fuel savings:
Gallons used before = GPH × hours per year

2. Calculate the total gallons used after applying the 15% fuel savings * :
Gallons used after = gallons used before × (1 - fuel savings)

3. Calculate the gallons saved per year:
Gallons saved per year = gallons used before - gallons used after

4. Calculate the yearly fuel savings:
Yearly fuel savings = gallons saved per year × fuel cost per gallon

More questions? Feel free to contact us below

*Dependent on the tune you purchase your fuel savings can be anywhere from 10%-18

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