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What is Tuning?

Tuning is the modification of the calibration inside of the ECU (engine control unit). Just like adjusting the strings and reverb of a guitar, we optimize the amount of spark, fuel, and air in the calibration to achieve the desired outcome; in this case, increased efficiency which leads to more power and less fuel.


Does it affect reliability?

We do NOT tune to the limits of the engine, we optimize the existing performance without impacting reliability.

How is this possible?

To minimize the cost of production, manufacturers produce one platform that can support multiple levels of power. So the F225 is essentially the same as the F300, the only thing the manufacturer changes is the calibration. We are merely doing exactly what the manufacturer already does!

Does this hurt fuel milage?

NO! It actually increases your fuel milage. By increasing the power of the motor, it becomes more efficient, lowering the RPM needed for cruising. You can expect up to 15% increased fuel economy.

Will I need to change props?

95% of our clients do not need to change props after tuning, however,  you can change your prop to increase your top speed.

How much power can I Expect?

Up to 130hp depending on the HP of your current motor. Click below to see the gains for your specific motor.

Do I have to be local?

No! We offer remote tuning solutions for the same price as our local, white-glove service. Turn around in as little as three days.


Learn more about the ease of remote tuning here.

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